• 1st Step


    In order to receive “student visa Invitation to Ukraine” the student should provide the good quality copies of following documents to us by scan to our e-mail, by fax or by post (or courier service)

    • International Passport main pages
    • Educational Documents (at least secondary school certificate)
    • Application Form filled.

    The e-mail with scans, fax or posted letter of above mentioned documents should contain following information respectively

    • Surname, Name and Middle name
    • Nationality
    • Date & place of birth
    • Sex
    • Passport number
    • Country, where student will apply for Ukrainian Visa
    • Permanent address
    • Contact telephone numbers
    • e-mail address

    If you are eligible you will get an assessment confirmation of admission.

    We accept Applications to Study in Ukrainian Universities from 15th of January for September intake. We secure “Invitation Letters” for students who apply through us earlier and issue their “Invitation Letters” respectively. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine keep issuing the “Invitation Letters” letters since 15th of April to 1st of November (mostly extended to December).


  • 2nd Step


    Student should provide the receipt of the payment.

    This amount covers:

    • Official fee for the issuance of student invitation.
    • Official fee for student placement confirmation letter issued by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to Ministry of Foreign affairs of Ukraine.
    • Official fee for Visa support letter issued by Ministry of Foreign affairs of Ukraine to Ukrainian embassy in respective country.


    Courier service “TNT”, “DHL”, “FedEx” or EMS deliver the “Invitation to Study” Letter within 4 to 5 working days. The cost of the courier service is 100 USD.


  • 3rd Step


    As the student get the Invitation from us. He/she should contact Ukraine embassy in his/her country in order to apply for the student visa.

    Ukraine embassy starts accepting Student Visa Applications and issue Student Visa by May/June and keep issuing until 15th of November. In some countries Ukraine embassy starts working with Student Visa Applications and issue Student Visa by 15th of August to 15th of November (usually it is extended to December/January).

    List of the documents necessary to receive Ukrainian student visa:


    • Visa form;
    • Original invitation letter;
    • Visa support letter from the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine. (This document is sent directly to the Ukrainian embassy in your country);
    • Original Educational documents;
    • The document evidencing the absence of HIV-infection;
    • The medical certificate of the state of health verified by an official health care authority of that country;
    • The insurance policy for emergency medical care (except for foreigners having arrived from countries, with which agreements on free provision of emergency medical care were concluded);
    • A copy of birth certificate;
    • Six photographs of 6x4 cm;
    • Round Trip Air Ticket valid for one year with open return date.

    All listed above documents should be in the Ukrainian, Russian, English languages.

    Note:  The educational documents should be attested by the concerning Ukrainian Embassy.

    The documents indicated in the paragraphs 5, 6, 8 should be certified pursuant to the legislation of the country of their issue and legalized pursuant to the established order, unless otherwise provided for by international agreements of Ukraine.

    The student needs to check with Ukraine embassy in his/her country of permanent/ temporary stay.

    We would like to poit out that it is the complete package of documents recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Depending on the country in which the Ukrainian embassy is located, the documents necessary for visa can vary a bit. We insistently recommend you to contact the Ukrainian embassy in your country and clarify all details of visa receiving.

  • 4th Step


    The student or agency dealing with student must inform about student's arrival Airport, Date, and Flight number and arrival time at least 3-5 days prior to arrival. Would kindly appreciate if you forward to us scanned air-tickets and visa.

    In order to enter the territory of Ukraine:

    According to Rules and Regulations of Ukrainian Immigration Department if intermediary firm is not present at the time of student's arrival, Immigration Authorities can deport the student back to his/her country.


    • The student must bring full Tuition fee, accommodation fee and other charges in Cash or Travel Cheques for whole first year. The student will be questioned by Immigration Authorities about Tuition fee and other charges. The student must bring some extra money for personal needs as well.
    • Int'l Passport/ Travelling document with Ukraine Visa on it.
    • Original Invitation Letter.
    • Birth Certificate, Translated into Ukrainian language and legalized by Ukraine Embassy. (The student must bring translated documents to Ukraine if Ukraine Embassy required translations at the time of issuing Visa).
    • Original School Certificates, Bachelor or Master Degree if available Translated into Ukrainian language and legalized by Ukrainian Embassy.
    • General Health- Medical Certificate issued at least two months prior to the entrance in Ukraine. (Translated into Ukrainian language and legalized by Ukrainian Embassy).
    • HIV- AIDS Negative Certificate issued at least two months prior the entrance. (Translated into Ukrainian Language and Legalized by Ukrainian Embassy).
    • Health Insurance covering one year/ for some countries only for Travelling period
    • Sponsorship Letter from the Parents/Person who is going to bear the expenses for the student during stay/studying in Ukraine. (It is not a condition for all Nationalities).
    • 12 Passport size photographs (3 * 4 cm)
    • Return Air ticket with an open return date, valid for one year.


    Migration card must be filled in by student on arrival to Ukraine and kept saved during stay in Ukraine. The student must produce it to Immigration Authorities when returning home or travelling out of the country.


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