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Ukrainian international education council “UIEC” a non-governmental organization serves as a resource and advising center that provides informational and advising assistance to individuals and organizations regarding opportunities to study in Ukraine. Situated in the Capital of Ukraine - Kyiv (Kiev), “UIEC” strives to comprehensively assist in establishing and strengthening international academic contacts of the region in order to ensure its overall development and scientific potential.

Since 1999, “UIEC” has been dedicated to advancing professional standards for higher education in Ukraine, while expertly supporting our students through the transition from high school to University. 

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organization and is one of the leading and fastest growing Ukrainian education consulting firms with a group of dynamic and experienced management staff. Started with the concept to help students efficiently, quickly and successfully to gain admission to top Universities and to make every aspiring students dream come true

“UIEC” has developed a strict set of ethical guidelines that govern the actions in relationships with students and families, with Academies and Universities, and with colleagues. These guidelines include a responsibility to understand each student's special strengths, values and needs, while striving to include all family members in the educational planning process. All “UIEC” members strictly follow these Principles of Good Practice. Our mission is to offer students the professional service in order to obtain excellent knowledge and skills to be successful at the international job market.

Whatever your reason to study abroad is, we are sure that your decision will be the best choice of your life.

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  • Why study in Ukraine


    Advantages of studying in Ukraine:

    1.    Quality Education.

    2.    High quality education for lower price than anywhere in the Europe.

    3.    Worldwide Recognized Degrees (WHO, UNESCO, PLAB, USMLE, EU COUNCIL, etc.).

    4.    European Life Standard.

    5.    English/Ukrainian/Russian Mediums of Instruction.

    6.    No IELTS or TOEFL needed.

    7.    Better Job Prospects all over the world.

    8.    Emphasis on Practical Aspects in Teaching.

    9.    Moderate Climate around the year.

    10.  Outstanding International Faculty.

    11.  One of the Best Transportation systems in Europe.

    12.  International Students enjoy approximately 50% discount on travel.

    13.  Enrichment of Experience through Visiting Professors from USA, CANADA, UK, EU, etc.

    14.  Participation of Students in Seminars/Symposia/Project Work, etc. in other European cities.

    15.  Bilateral Student Exchange Program with Universities in Czech Republic, Finland,  Germany, Poland, Sweden, UK, USA, etc.

    16. Three Months Summer Jobs during vacation in countries like U.K., SWEDEN, DENMARK, Finland, etc.

    17. Chances of Permanent Residence & Settlement in Europe after completion of study program.

    18. Grants and scholarship schemes for our best and eligible students.

    19. No extra expenses for books, as the books are provided by University Library.

    20. 100% guarantee of visa to eligible candidates.




  • Higher education System


    Higher education in Ukraine refers to the entire system of education beyond secondary school level. This includes first level technical and vocational schools, second level technical and vocational colleges, and academies and universities, which are considered the third and fourth level. In this write up, we will focus on university education, so the term "higher education in Ukraine" will mean university education.

    Higher education in Ukraine starts with the successful completion of the secondary education and passing the university entrance examination. It is coordinated and supervised by the Ministry of Education and Sciences Ukraine. Degrees awarded on successful completion include Bachelors degree, Masters Degree and Doctorate. Although there are some other degrees awarded in between, the afore mentioned three are the strategic ones.

    The minimum course duration that is required to obtain a university degree is four academic years for a bachelor’s degree program. Medical courses require longer duration, up to six years. M.Sc. and PhD. programs require additional time, from one year to five years or more, depending on the program, the course, degree pursued and student's commitment.

    Teaching language is either of the following: - the teaching at universities is performed in one of the following languages:

    Ukrainian Language (national language)

    Russian Language

    English Language (optional mainly for foreign students)

    Ukrainian citizens study in their national language, while foreign students have a choice of either the native language or English. This is subject to the availability of the program in English. Foreign students that opt to study in Ukrainian or Russian language undergo a one year preparatory language course, during which they take language and preparatory courses related to their future discipline. On graduation, they receive an additional certificate of proficiency for the language, which compensates for the additional year. A student studying in English language skips this preparatory stage, but studies the language as an independent course in the course of their academic program.

    An academic year runs from 1st of September to 31st of June. This period is divided into two semesters with a brief - two weeks winter break in January, and a long vacation from 1st of July to 31st of August. For foreign students arriving Ukraine for the first time, their academic resumption date is dependent on the chosen language of study. If the student will be studying in English language, then it is inevitable that the student arrives early enough to be ready for academic activities come September 1st. However, students that will have to go through the language learning program are allowed to arrive a bit later, to start language classes.

    Keep in mind: If you miss some of the classes you will have to compensate with extra classes.

    Bachelor`s Degree in Ukraine includes 4 academic years (3 years and 10 months) and equals 247 credits; Master`s Degree is 2 academic years (1 year and 10 months) and equals 120 credits; PhD and DSc programs last 3 academic years. Preparatory School lasts 1 academic year (10 months).Each academic week is equal to 54 academic hours or 1.5 credits correspondently.

    Foreign students must follow the same regulations and guidelines that govern higher education in Ukraine. The only additional condition is that foreign students are expected to legalize their certificates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on graduation. This confirms that the certificate was actually issued from a bonafide and accredited Ukrainian university. Failure to do this might put the certificate under additional scrutiny, and in some cases, rejected or invalidated when tendered.

    Ukraine has a teeming population of students undergoing – obtaining - higher education, in different fields and specialization. Among this population is a growing community of international students, arriving to Ukraine annually for educational purposes. Higher education system in Ukraine accommodates foreign student’s integration, with the award of certificates of international recognition, on graduation. The certificates are further legalized in the Ministry of Foreign affairs, for validation. If the student’s home country maintains a diplomatic mission in Ukraine, they also append a consular stamp to the certificate and the result sheet, for further authentication.

    Unlike many other European countries higher education in Ukraine is comparatively inexpensive. As a young sovereign nation, Ukraine is socially stable, with warm hospitality to foreigners.


  • Faculties

    Some of the major faculties most popular among foreign students offered by the Ukrainian Universities, in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages of instruction are:


    • Aeronautic Engineering
    • Aircraft engineering
    • Architecture
    • Accounting and Audit
    • Agricultural Management
    • Banking & Finance
    • Biomedical Electronics
    • Business Administration
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer & Software Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Dentistry
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Ecology & Environment Protection
    • Economics and Marketing
    • Economics & cybernetic
    • Food Technology
    • Medicine and Surgery
    • General Electrical Engineering
    • Hotel management & Tourism
    • Information Technology
    • Information Systems and Technologies
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Medical Engineering
    • Metallurgical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Marine Engineering
    • Mining and Electrical Mechanics
    • Nuclear Technology
    • Nursing
    • Oil and Gas Engineering
    • Pharmacy
    • Piloting
    • Post graduation and search
    • Surveying & Geo-informatics
    • Veterinary Medicine

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