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  • Our Services for the parents or relatives   ( 0 Articles )


    Many tourists visit Ukraine each year and enjoy their stay. We can provide various services to student’s parents or other visitors who need our assistance in travelling to Ukraine.

    Our Services for parents or relatives:

    We can provide various services to student’s parents or other visitors who need our assistance in travelling to Ukraine, such as:

    • To prepare and send the tourism invitation.
    • Reservation of hotel and other places for our clients.
    • Transferring our clients from airport to hotels.
    • Delivering car and drivers for daily excursion.
    • Providing an translator/interpreter.




  • Our Services to facilitate studies in Ukraine   ( 0 Articles )


    • Conduct a free pre-assessment application service.
    • Work alongside with you to choose a university and program.
    • Official invitation letter for Visa.
    • Address a copy of that to respective Ukraine embassy.
    • Visa support letter from the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine.
    • Student Visa Confirmation support form Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
    • Airport pick-up from respective airports in Ukraine.
    • Reception and Transfer to University.
    • Assistance in Immigration Clearance in Ukraine.
    • Accommodation arrangement in University hostel.
    • Arrangement of special rooms for students.
    • Arrangement of separate rooms for female students.
    • Deposit of dues with the Department of Higher Education in Ukraine for respective University.
    • Registration and documentation at the University.
    • Accommodation Agreements.
    • Student ID card, hostel card, International student card.
    • Assistance in issuance of the health and life insurance.
    • Opening of bank account in Ukrainian international banks.
    • Visa support during the entire period of study.
    • 24/7 student support service.
    • Guide to streamline the Academic-life.
    • Orientation program for students in the local environment (city exploration).
    • Consultation and help in all the regards during the education with the University, teachers and fellow students.
    • Transferring the students from one University to the other and all related documentation.
    • Communication with parents with regards to the academic and other behavior of the children during the educational period.
    • All assistance as guardian during the complete educational period.
    • Entire responsibility of the student's well-being throughout his stay in Ukraine.
  • Translations   ( 0 Articles )


    To save the precious time of our students and to avoid queues at the Ukrainian Embassy only for translation of documents, UIEC now offer translation services of required official documents, such as:

    Educational certificates,
    Birth certificate
    Medical certificates, etc.

    All translations are officially legalized.

    If you prefer, you can avail translation services of documents, together with the original invitation to save money on courier services.

    Translation and legalization of one page: 22 $ US

    It is the cost of translation in Ukrainian language from English, French, German, or Spanish.
    For information about translations from other languages
    , please contact us.

    Payment for the translation is paid upfront in full.


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