1st Step


In order to receive “student visa Invitation to Ukraine” the student should provide the good quality copies of following documents to us by scan to our e-mail, by fax or by post (or courier service)

• International Passport main pages
• Educational Documents (at least secondary school certificate)
• Application Form filled.

The e-mail with scans, fax or posted letter of above mentioned documents should contain following information respectively

• Surname, Name and Middle name
• Nationality
• Date & place of birth
• Sex
• Passport number
• Country, where student will apply for Ukrainian Visa
• Permanent address
• Contact telephone numbers
• e-mail address

If you are eligible you will get an assessment confirmation of admission.

We accept Applications to Study in Ukrainian Universities from 15th of January for September intake. We secure “Invitation Letters” for students who apply through us earlier and issue their “Invitation Letters” respectively. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine keep issuing the “Invitation Letters” letters since 15th of April to 1st of November (mostly extended to December).


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